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Hesen was established in 2004 in Suzhou, integrating design, r&d, production and export as one. As an exporting enterprise, we’ve formed our own unique style and won great reputation at home and abroadwith novel product design, high quality and competitive price in more than ten years. We have excellent design team who’re always committed to original design and development of fast fashion home furnishing goods. We can grasp the trend of Europe, America and Asia-Pacific swiftly and sensitively. In order to ensure product quality, we started to build our own factory in 2006 by investing huge resources.By 2021, Hesen Industry has 6 subsidiaries, covering a total area of more than 80 acres and having over 800 employees. We have 9 different categories of products, including upholstered furniture,home textile, steel and wooden home decoration, pet products and toys, etc. We also have dozens of patents and over 50 copyrights.

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After the success in overseas market, Hesen Industry has taken stepsto integrate its supply chain and tailor its exclusive chain management system by joining hands with professional software management organizations. Due to excellent strategic layout, powerful supply chain and professional operation advantages, each of our partners has popular products and market competitiveness after a few years. In order to enter into the new retail market and strengthen our brand penetration in the global scope, we start the global partner recruitment program in 2020. We will together create a better consumer industry.

Brand concept

With our excellent product development strength, supply chain and channel resources, Hesen brand has been deeply involved in the field of home textiles relying on our sixteen years of profound experience in the foreign trade.


When we’re founded, our ambition of Hesen brand is to make it easier for every family to enjoy a quality life. "Home fun", "cutting-edge design" and "ultimate cost performance" are the three main positioning of our brand. "Home fun" is the core tone.Consumers use Hesen products to create a happy and joyful atmosphere for their home. "Cutting-edge design" is the design elements accumulated by Hesen during years of  export exploration, so as to provide consumers with interesting, creative and novel products. The "ultimate cost performance" is the eternal pursuit of Hesen in the process of exploring productsso that every consumer can buy high-quality products at affordable prices.


Consumers use Hesen products to create a happy, joyful atmosphere for their home.


In the years ofexport exploration,we always accumulate design elements and provide consumers with interesting, creative and novel products.


In the process of products exploring, Hesen pursues the eternal goal of having everyconsumer purchase high-quality, high-value and noval home products at affordable prices.

At the same time, through the cooperation with international famous brands, such as TCM, Aldi, Lidi, Disney, BBB, primark, MUJI, etc., Hesen keeps enriching product catagories and expanding design vision, trying to create the best and most novel products.
We’recommitted to delivering the concept of good living life with great cost performance to consumers all the time. Through Hesen's products, everyone can enjoy beautiful, high-quality home goods. No need to be in a price dilemma, as long as you like, take it all!!
In 2020, Hesen brand was given a richer meaning. Wepurchased Seven Things Intelligent Design Institute, showing in front of people with a new design and brand image by absorbing international first-class designers! We believethat Hesen will be built into a brand with more temperature, attitude and connotation in the field of home furnishing in the future.

Corporate Culture


While creating value for customers and enterprises, we create and provide a platform for employees to display their personal talents and realize the improvement of their lives and self-worth.


Adhere to the development mode of design, production, sales and export as one, we try to become a leading manufacturing enterprise with first-class management and global vision. Through our construction, we provide excellent products and services and continue to create value for customers.

Business Concept

Relying on science and technology, we deepen our advantages in products and services to provide the driving power for the construction of industrial and trade integrationand sustainable development of the enterprise. Focused on home living manufacturing and related fields, we aim to create a road of industrialization more deeply and vigorously.

Talent Concept

Human resources is the capital for sustainable development of the enterprise. We adhere to the concept of "make the best use of the strengths and ignore the weakness” and pay great attention to the introduction, cultivation and use of human resources. We realize that the development of enterprise cannot be separated with the cultivation of human resources. For them, they also reflcet their value by sharing the development results of the enterprise.

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