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Since its inception, Suzhou Hesen brand has been deeply involved in the field of home manufacturing, relying on sixteen years of rich practical experience in the foreign trade export industry, with excellent product development strength, supply chain and channel resources, has accumulated strong brand strength and value.

Since its inception in 2004, the original intention of the creation of the Hesen brand is to make it easier for every family to enjoy a quality life. "Home fun", "cutting-edge design" and "ultimate cost performance" are the three main positioning of the Hesen brand. "Home fun" is the core product tone of the Hesen brand, consumers use Hesen products to create a happy and joyful atmosphere for the home. "Cutting-edge design" is the design elements accumulated by Hesen during years of processing and export exploration, so as to provide consumers with interesting, creative and novel products. The "ultimate cost performance" is the eternal pursuit of Hosen in the process of polishing products, so that every consumer of Hosen can buy high quality, high value and design-rich home products at affordable prices.


Core product tonality, consumers use Hesen products to create a happy, joyful atmosphere for the home.


In the years of processing export exploration, the accumulation of design elements, thick and thin to provide consumers with interesting, creative and novel products.


In the process of polishing the products, Hesen eternally pursues the goal of making every Hesen consumer purchase high-quality, high-value, design-rich home products at affordable prices.

At the same time, through the cooperation with international famous brands, such as TCM, Aldi, Lidi, Disney, BBB, primark, MUJI, etc., Hesen keeps enriching the product content and expanding the design vision, trying to create the best, the most trendy and the best quality products!
All along, Hesen has been trying to deliver the concept of good home life with great cost performance to consumers. Through Hesen's products, everyone can enjoy the beautiful, high-quality, rich goods, no need to be in a price dilemma, as long as you like, take it all away!
In 2020, Hesen Industry is brand new and the brand has been given a richer meaning. Hosen Industry acquired the Seven Things Intelligent Design Institute, absorbing international first-class product designers, with a new design, a new brand image to show in front of everyone! Hersen believes that in the future, Hersen will be built into a brand with more temperature, attitude and connotation in the field of home furnishing.

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